Joe winning

Joe winning at White Castle



Sal winning

Sal winning

When a Joker does complete the goal given in the challenge, he recieves a win. Jokers with the most wins will have a better chance of not being the loser of the episode (except in the episode Supercuts, where all the Jokers lost.)

The symbol for a win is a thumbs up in a green circle.

Variations of the WinEdit

  • In a Joker vs. Joker Challenge, the two jokers not participating automatically win.
  • In Season One, the Free Pass was given and any joker with it can skip the challenge and still go on without a Loss.
  • In the Wheel of Doom, there is an "Automatic Win", which is like a free pass. Also, there's an option of collecting $20 from each joker, which counts as a challenge win as well.
  • In the Season 3 challenge Pool Sharks, Sal and Q didn't do their original tasks and got a replacement task. Since they did the new replacement task, they still won.
  • In Paradise Lost, the Y sign takes the place of the thumbs-up symbol.
  • In team-based challenges, both the jokers on one team win.

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