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The Guys at White Castle

White Castle
 is a fast food restaurant chain where the jokers pull pranks at several time throughout the series.

Season 1Edit

This is the very first challenge in the episode Pay It Forward. The Jokers need to get a tip. If they do not get a tip, they receive a loss. Sal receives a loss, the first loss in the whole show.

In episode 10, A Loser Presents, they return, asking for a tip. Joe is seen shirtless with an apron on in this episode. Q's dad also appears during Q's turn. Q and Murr do not get tips in this episode, and they lose.

Season 2Edit

It is seen again in Birds and the Bees. The guys come back to White Castle, this time, they work at the drive through. Q has to pretend he's sick, Murr has to slingshot a burger slider, Joe has to pretend to yell at a coworker, and Sal has to do the same "Hey Mustache" comments that were made in Costco in the first episode. Q and Murr get no tips and receive a Loss. As of these episodes, Joe is the only one to have passed all the White Castle challenges..

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