Wheel of Faces is a knockoff of the Wheel of Doom and is a challenge in the episodes Whose Phone Is Ringing? and Water Torture. The jokers have to each shoot an arrow at a spinning wheel with their faces. Whoever's face the dart lands on must do a random task pulled out of a nylon bag of tasks. It is possible to do no tasks or do more than one task; as such, if the joker whose face the dart hits cannot perform the task, he will get a loss, and if that joker's face is hit again, he has to do another task, and should he fail, he will get an additional loss; should he succeed or fail, the loss or win he previously received still stands.


Season Five

This is the first challenge in both of these episodes.

Whose Phone is Ringing?

Joe lost because he had that "rare failure" where he couldn't get money into someone's pants. Sal failed in the task of getting a guy to admit they're "naughty", but then, he had to perform another task after finding out the wheel was rigged to be an All-Sal wheel (meaning the other three jokers' faces were replaced with Sal's). He passed another dare to insult a person's nose 5 times, but it doesn't cancel out the previous loss.

Water Torture

Sal lost.