Wheel being used

Murr and the wheel

The Wheel of Doom is a wheel that the Jokers will sometimes use to choose tasks that the others have to do for challenges. The challenge they must do is determined by which space they land on when spinning the wheel. There was a similar but unrelated Wheel of Doom in Joke & Dagger. It was known as the Wheel of Voo-Doom during their travels through New Orleans. The Wheel of Doom later reappeared as part of the pre-taped challenges for the Live Nitro Circus Spectacular in Season 5, but this time, the challenge was combined with the challenge "Now!", so each Joker had to perform the task assigned by the Wheel whenever the others said "Now!" Aside from regular challenges, the Wheel has also appeared as the "Wheel of Piercings" in Murr's piercing punishment in the Season 3 episode "Puncture Perfect".


  • Scaredy Cat
  • Psychotic Not-line
  • Puncture Perfect (As the Wheel of Piercings)
  • The Big Uneasy (As the Wheel of Voo-Doom)
  • Live Nitro Circus Spectacular (As the Wheel of Now!)


Three options on the Wheel of Doom are not challenges. They are freebies which include: