What's Your Sign? is a challenge on the Impractical Jokers episode A Loser Presents. The jokers give complimentary fake horoscope readings at the Jersey Gardens Mall. The goal is to get a tip despite doing and saying what the other jokers say they have to do, and if one Joker can't get a tip, they earn a loss.


Q's turn: Q doesn't have to participate in this challenge, knowing his horoscope says he has to avoid contact with people during the entire day. Goof: His horoscope card says he's a Scorpio, when in actuality he is Pisces and Sal is a Scorpio.

Joe's turn: Because of his client being broke, Joe doesn't get a tip and gets the big thumbs-down.

Murr's turn: Murray doesn't get a tip, earning him a loss, as well.

Sal's turn: Sal succeeds in getting a tip, earning him a win.