Vampire Weakened is the fifth episode of Season Six of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-thirty-second episode overall. It aired on March 9, 2017.


The jokers work at an ice cream parlor, and get strangers to help them watch Joe's dogs at the park.



Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Murr lost a bet to Q after taking his turn. Q allowed Murr to take his turn, and if Murr completes a difficult task given to him, Q will take a loss on the whole episode. Murr refused to tell a black guy after walking in, “Let me guess, chocolate”, thus giving Murr a loss on a challenge.

Watch Joe's Dog

Goal: Get the stranger to repeat the dog's name & backstory.
Loser: Murr and Joe


Loser: Murr
Punishment: Murr is told he has to perform in front of an audience as Dracula to deliver his character's monologues. In a surprise twist, it turns out he actually has to sing and dance along with a gospel choir while wearing his Dracula outfit.


  • This episode has a dedication at the end to one of Joe's dogs: Mishkeen.
  • If Murr would’ve won the bet against Q in Coneheads, then Q would have lost the whole episode.
  • This is the second episode where Q made a bet, where if Murr completes the task, he would take a loss on the whole episode. The first one was Bigger in Texas.