The USB Tire is a fake invention made for James "Murr" Murray in the episode Whose Phone Is Ringing?.


In a challenge called Invention Intervention, Joseph "Joe" Gatto and James "Murr" Murray pose as an inventor and an assistant trying to get people to buy an invention. Murr poses as the inventor and Joe poses as the assistant. Murr had to get people to support his invention while Joe had to sound like he is supporting the product but in actuality is trying to sabotage the "inventor." Murr's invention was a USB Tire which is a USB stick attached to a tire. Murr claims that the USB stores files and important documents on the tire and it can even be used as an actual tire. Joe sabotages Murr by saying that there is only a 20-mile warranty on the tire, and asks Murr to demonstrate how to use the tire. Murr succeeds in demonstrating the tire on a laptop, but fails when told to use it as a tire. Murr loses by having no votes.