Turtle Back Zoo is a zoo in West Orange, New Jersey, used in two challenges, Quit Fantastically and Animal Antics. Interestingly, both challenges were a Joker vs. Joker Challenge

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Q with a penguin at Turtle Back Zoo, although he has never actually done a challenge there.

Quit Fantastically

See Quit Fantastically


Murr at the zoo

Murr posed as a zookeeper at the penguin exhibit trying to quit his job because of all the Penguin Drama. He claimed that these penguins cause too much trouble and he's tired of them, saying that one even pooped in his stuff. He failed this challenge miserably when he started berating the patrons.

Dry humping animals

Animal Antics

See Animal Antics

Sal and Joe competed in a Joker vs. Joker challenge. They were conducting zoo surveys and had to ask every question in the booklet. Joe won this challenge but not Sal.