Towel Crashers

Towel Crashers

Towel Crashers is a challenge that appeared on Impractical Jokers episode Boardwalk of Shame. They had to go onto another persons beach towel, lay on it, and not get booted off or else they get a loss.


Joe didn't get on a towel that a couple was on. The man was harsh, telling him to "get the **** away from me".

Q was told to get off the blanket within the second he got on.


Murr pretended he called his girlfriend Irene and was angry with her. He ended his call and lied down on a blanket. The girls on the blanket, seeing that he may just need time to cool down, let him stay on the blanket.

Sal got on an empty blanket and laid down until a woman told him it was hers. But he distracted her in a conversation and she never told him to leave.