Tooth and Consequences is the twenty-first episode of Season Three of Impractical Jokers and is the sixty-sixth episode of the show overall. It aired on July 24, 2014.


The big loser wonders if he is too old to get a visit from the tooth fairy.


Say Yes to the Pest

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: Joe


Goal: Convince the group that you have the best campaign.
Loser: Q, with his cologne Mother's Musk received no votes. whereas Eau Ver Compensate (by Sal) got all of the votes. Murr, with his cologne Cropdust received only 3 votes whereas Orphan (by Joe) got six votes.


Goal: Get a stranger to take a selfie with you.
Loser: Murr (forfeited the challenge due to a loose tooth)


Loser: Murr
Punishment: After Murr's tooth unexpectedly fell out during Q's turn in the selfie challenge, he refused to participate due to the state of his smile and decided to forfeit, but his decision resulted in him being automatically declared the episode's big loser: he still had to take the selfies as his punishment.


  • Originally if Murr didn't take the loss on the Challenge, It would have been Q,Joe,and Murr being the episodes big losers, That would have meant Sal would have been the only winner of that Episode since he didn't get a thumbs down. This would have marked the first time Sal has won an Episode by himself if Murr didn't take the loss on the Challenge.