This Book Will Self-Instruct is a challenge that appeared on Art Attack.

Comic book

In this challenge the jokers were in a comic book store and they had to do and say what they were told and their instructions are printed into a comic book especially made for them. They had to complete 3 commands in the book to pass.


  • Joe-He couldn't get close enough to bump crotches with a guy. This was the 3rd book command. The guy was avoiding him after he kissed his comic book all over and pinched the guy's nipple.


  • Sal-Made an ugly fake smile, pulled out a man's earphones, then put his finger over his mouth to "shush" him.
  • Murr-Crouched down until he was half the height of the man he was pranking, rubbed his Adam's apple, then Eskimo-kissed him.
  • Q-Made a lizard tongue at a man, pulled that man's ear lobes, then spanked him.