Smushed is the twentieth episode of Season Four of Impractical Jokers and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on August 27, 2015.


The guys make security presentations, hold hands with others at the park, and stump each other with ridiculous facts at a florist.


Security Insultants

Goal: Get the most votes.
Loser: Sal and Q

Give Me A Hand

Goal: Get a stranger to hold your hand.
Loser: Joe

Bouquet of Lies

Joker vs. Joker: Q vs. Sal

Goal: Explain the other Joker's story.
Loser: Q


Loser: Q
Punishment: Q had to pose as a party clown at a child's birthday party, and was forced to do and say whatever he is told by the other guys, including smushing the birthday cake. The kids were in on the joke but Q didn't know. This was one of the few punishments that was taken lightly by the audience.



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