Senor Lonza

Senora Lonza

Senora Lonza was a fake band consisting of Joseph "Joe" Gatto  and Salvatore "Sal" Vulcano that was standing in for the Imagine Dragons as the opening act in the episode Enter the Dragons.


Shut Your Face Grandma

Look Mommy I'm A Rockstar

Señora Lonza's Performance

In front of 14,000 Imagine Dragons fans, the band is an opening act. The losing Jokers don't know how to play instruments and are dressed funny. They call the band "Imagination Dragons" and Sal reads a dedication praising Pittsburgh, but the concert is in Long Island. All their song titles are given by the other guys as well as the Imagine Dragons band members. Their performance is a failure and Sal makes a bad stage dive at the end.


  • The band is named for the Jokers' high school Spanish teacher.