Selfies is the third and final challenge in the Impractical Jokers episode Tooth and Consequences. The jokers have to convince strangers to take selfies with them, but if they can't get them to do so, no matter the reason, they lose. Q was the only Joker to go out into the field, but he never got to perform the challenge and the other three Jokers didn't have their respective turns, because while Murr was picking something out of his teeth, one tooth unexpectedly falls out. Knowing Murr prides himself in maintaining handsome appearances, which included having that celebrity smile, he didn't want to go out into the field due to the state of his smile, so he decided to forfeit the challenge before his turn would come. Because the Loser Board was at a three-way tie with Joe losing the first challenge and Q and Murr losing the second challenge, Murr's decision to forfeit this challenge means being automatically declared the episode's big loser. The episode wasn't called "Tooth and Consequences" for nothing: for his punishment, Murray still had to go into the field to take the selfies, and he had to do it with the gap in his teeth! Poor Murray is going to need a dentist after this!


  • Because the Loser Board was at a three-way tie, if Murr hadn't forfeited this challenge, he, Joe and Q would all be declared the big losers of the episode, as Sal was the only joker who didn't get a thumbs-down.