"Save My Seat" is the third challenge in the twenty-sixth episode of Season Two, "All the Wrong Moves. It is done in Times Square. The Goal was to get someone to save your seat and when another Joker tries to take it, that person has to say why it's taken.


Murr-couldn't get the man to save his seat after telling him that his aunt's breast got caught in a pool filter. Joe stepped in and asked the guy if the seat was taken. Not only did the guy not repeat the reason, but he let Joe take the seat as soon as he asked.


Joe-got somebody to save his seat and said that the reason why was a "re-wipe."

Salvatore "Sal" Vulcano-got someone to save his seat due to a Patrick Swayze obsession.

Brian "Q" Quinn-got some people to save his seat because of "Bob Marley" from his "CD" guy.