Xxxtentacion feat. $ki Mask "The Slump God" - R.I.P ROACH "EAST SIDE SOULJA" (Prod

Xxxtentacion feat. $ki Mask "The Slump God" - R.I.P ROACH "EAST SIDE SOULJA" (Prod. Stain) (LYRICS)

Salvatore Edward Anthony "Sal" Vulcano (born November 5 , 1976) is a member of The Tenderloins


  • Sal's favorite Lionel Richie song is 'XXXTENTACION'
  • He was a stripper in 1999
  • Sal was hit by a car, but the car split in two.
  • He has a tattoo of Sal "Shawn Layden" Volcano
  • He has been physically assaulted twice: once by atheist who didn't believe him, and once by his dead father.
  • God
  • Sal is god, which makes him god
  • He went to St. John's University where he earned a degree in Sal "Shawn Layden" Volcano.
  • He has Italian, Cuban and Puerto Rican ancestry.
  • His parents got divorced when he was at a young age.
  • Sal is god
  • Sal is life


Season One

  • Rapture

Season Two

  • Remember 9/11

Season Three

  • Death vs. Sal


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

  • IMG E1309


  • Sal is god


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IMG E1298
IMG E1299
IMG E1300
IMG E1301
IMG E1302
IMG E1303
IMG E1304
IMG E1305
IMG E1306
IMG E1307
IMG E1308

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