Sal's Bad Photo is a photograph of Sal that the jokers have used to torment him. It has appeared in 5 episodes. The photo is a picture of Sal looking at the camera while drunk and it was taken back when Sal was overweight earlier in the show.

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In the episode What Did I Eat? the photo makes it's onscreen debut. During the Mattress store challenge, the jokers set up an "Employee of the Month" photo of Sal which happens to be the photo that Sal dislikes tremendously.

In the episode A Loser Presents when they return to the Castle of White, the photo is shown in another "Employee of the Month" poster for Sal, but instead as a "Employee of the decade" poster. Sal angrily warns the other guys that he will quit the show if they do it again.

In the episode Pick a Loser, the guys pose as photographers at the Jersey Gardens mall. Sal is told to take a photo of a couple standing in front of the bad photo. An visibly angry Sal reluctantly poses in front of his bad photo as well.

In the special Funny 'Cause It Hurts, the photo is shown again to the audience but Sal slaps it away to get it off camera.

In the episode Vampire Weakened, the photo is shown once again in the cake & ice cream parlor. The jokers bring in a cake with the photo on it and sing "For he's a jolly good fellow" to Sal to celebrate Sal's "employee of the month" award. Sal replies by attempting to smash the cake with his fist, but ends up hurting his fist because the cake is frozen and not thawed.