This challenge appeared in Boardwalk of Shame in a grocery store and again in Pick a Loser at a book store and again in Puncture Perfect. The challenge is to get a stranger to say a specific word back to the joker, if they can't do it, the joker loses.

Boardwalk of ShameEdit


Joe couldn't get a woman to say the word "Oodles". He said that he buys oodles of meat and asked her if she knows what it's like to buy oodles of things. She just said " I know. I see." but she never said oodles and left saying, "Nice meeting you." Joe got a loss.

Murr tried to get a man to say Bolognese but failed. He asked him where the Bolognese sauce is. He said he was looking all over for it and eventually told the man it was so good that he had to say Bolognese, even though he never said it at all. Murr also got a loss.


Sal got the win by getting the woman to say "nougat". He asked if there was a candy aisle because he was looking for nougat. The woman directed him to the end of an aisle, saying there may not be nougat but they might have similar stuff. Because Sal got her to say the word, he won and told her "I appreciate it more than you know" and gave a smirk.

Q won with the word "vis-a-vis", even though it was obvious he didn't know what the word meant. Although vis-a-vis means face-to-face, Q thought it meant something related to coconuts and kept bringing them up along with the word. The woman he was talking to said she had no idea what he was asking, but then said "about the coconut, not about the vis-a-vis". She said the word, so Q got a win.

Pick a LoserEdit


Sal won the challenge by getting someone to say the word "Gherkin" but was caught cheating to win. All the other jokers voted against his win, saying that he directly told the man to say it, which was against the rules. He got a loss. Although there have been some other times when other jokers may have cheated but didn't get a loss, such as the time Q couldn't ask a question on his pad of paper in May I Quote You? and had the stranger ask it for him.

Q couldn't get a guy to say "hambone" and talked about it a lot, saying that in college someone called him the "Hamboner". However, this just confused the man and he didn't say it, giving Q a loss.


Murr won with getting a guy to say the word Caulk. He confused the man too, but the man did say it, although technically he said "caulking". However, this still secured a win for Murr.

Joe had the word "wazoo" and made it into a quote by saying "What the wazoo?" He discussed bookmarks with a man and said "I used to collect bookmarks all the time but now they put the bookmarks in the books. What the wazoo?" It worked and the man said it.

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