Pay It Forward is the first and premiere episode of Season One, and the first overall and pilot episode of Impractical Jokers. It originally aired on December 15, 2011 and had a total of 1.52 million U.S. viewers.


The Jokers pretend to be eccentric White Castle cashiers, gather signatures in Union Square for causes the other Jokers have written for them, answer tourist questions in Times Square, and act as Costco store employees.


Keep the ChangeEdit

Goal: Get a tip from a customer at White Castle.
Loser: Sal.

Sign HereEdit

Goal: Get the most signatures on your fake petition. If you don't get any, you lose.
Loser: Q (forfeited), and Murr.

Too Much InformationEdit

Goal: You must do and say what you're told in Times Square in the Information Booth.
Loser: Joe.

Worst Cashiers EverEdit

Goal: You must do and say what you're told in Costco.
Loser: Sal.


Loser: Sal Punishment: Sal picks up dog poop, and holds it for twenty seconds.




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