Paradise Lost is the fourteenth episode of Season Six of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-forty-first episode overall. It aired on July 13, 2017.


Sal, Murr, Joe and Q say "aloha" in a fun Hawaiian episode! The future looks hazy when the guys pose as fortune tellers and practice indecent proposals at a romantic waterfall. Plus, it's blood in the water for the big loser.


Mystic Misfits

Goal: Get a Tip

Loser: Murr and Sal got no tip.

Pass the Message

Goal: Get a stranger to pass your message. Loser: Sal and Murr

Indecent Proposals

Goal: Get a stranger to say your proposal is ready Loser: Murr is the only one who’s proposal isn’t ready.

Culture Schlocks

Goal: Get the most hands raised. Loser: Murr and Joe got no votes

Towel Crashers

Goal: Stay on someone's towel without getting kicked off Loser: Sal because a woman’s husband is here and knows that Sal stole his spot, and Murr’s body was buried under sand throughout the whole challenge, therefore giving him an automatic loss.


Loser: Murr Punishment:

Murr has to face his second biggest fear; sharks. The other guys steal his passport and attach it to the side of a cage underwater. Murr must enter the cage and retrieve the passport while dealing with his fear of sharks, as a group of sharks are roaming around the cage. To Murr's dismay, while he is underwater, the jokers let him and the cage drift out to sea and use a rope to pull him with the boat as they head back for shore.


  • This episode features the most losses for one joker in an episode where Murr lost all 5 of the challenges.