Paint it Wack is the third and final challenge in the Impractical Jokers episode X-Man. The jokers are working as art teachers at ArtdeVino Studio and they have to do and say what the other guys tell them, and if the competing joker refuses, he will get the big thumbs-down.


  • Sal: Sal wins this challenge.
  • Murr: Murr wins this challenge.
  • Joe: Joe wins this challenge.
  • Q: Q refused to draw a big red X on a canvas, and loses the challenge. Since the Loser Board was already at a three-way tie with him, Sal and Murr losing the first challenge and nobody losing the second challenge, Q is automatically declared the episode's big loser and he still has to do it as his punishment; the only difference is that he has to paint an "X" on all of the canvases as opposed to one.


  • Because the Loser Board was at a three-way tie, if Q hadn't forfeited this challenge, he, Sal and Murr would all be declared the big losers of the episode, as Joe was the only joker who didn't get a thumbs-down.