Medium, Well Done is the eighth episode of Season Six of Impractical Jokers and the one-hundredth-thirty-fifth episode overall. It aired on April 6, 2017.


The guys pose odd TV shows as execs to the public, and work the counter at a BBQ joint.


Pitch Imperfect

Goal: Get the most votes.
Loser: Sal and Q

Meat and Greet

Goal: Do and say what you're told
Loser: Sal and Joe


Loser: Sal
Punishment: In Season 2, Sal had to pose as a psychic for his punishment that doesn't end until he predicts something accurate. Now, an actual psychic named Jesse Bravo is predicting Sal's life from the other jokers (most of it didn't actually happen), while that happens, Sal must say that those predictions are correct. As if there was a fight in the family because he gave a cigarette to his niece and Sal said he is known as a cool uncle and said that he was in the subway in Tokyo with a beautiful girl people are shocked after he said he wanted to sit and the Jokers made a phone call to the song Whose Phone Is Ringing?