Lost Causes is a Joker vs. Joker Challenge in the episodes You're Cut Off (Joe vs. Sal) and Ash Clown (Sal vs. Murr). The jokers have to stage weird ideas for causes that have been created by the other guys; the goal is to get everyone else to join their protests and if they can't, they get the big thumbs-down.


You're Cut Off

Sal had to get someone to support a campaign, "Don't stop letting people not help" which is one of the most confusing campaigns to understand. So is Joe's campaign, "Impeach General Tso." The strangers refuse to help protest because they don't know what Joe and Sal are talking about.

Ash Clown

Sal couldn't get someone to protest a campaign for, "I before E. My Wife is a C." Murr also lost when he couldn't get someone to support "Dig up Gandhi" because Gandhi was actually cremated when he died.


  • This challenge is sometimes cut out of the episode Ash Clown.