Larry is a fictional friend of Joseph "Joe" Gatto He is mostly mentioned in Season One. He is an unseen character. In the Season Three Impractical Jokers intro, Joe is seen running for Larry.


  • Larry is the most mentioned character out of all the fictional characters. From meet-and-greets, Joe has said that many fans have referred Larry as much as they refer him.
  • In the episode Art Attack there is a challenge called This Book Will Self-Instruct with a book called The Adventures of Larry and in another challenge there is a video game version of the book.
  • His first mention was in Boardwalk of Shame in the Jump in the Trunk challenge. Joe worked at a car dealership and Larry was his manager.
  • In "Elevating the Game ", Joe mentioned that "Beyonce has Larringitis," a clear reference to Larry.
  • Larry has been printed on a T-Shirt.
  • In Don't I Know You? one of the quotes was: "I have a sister named Larry". But Q actually wrote it, not Joe.
  • In Season 4, Sal runs into a guy named Larry during his turn in a challenge. Larry and Joe do not meet in that episode.
  • Larry is mentioned to be a real person in season one. He is apparently a member of a crew who is nice and therefore shouted at as a joke.
  • Joe describes Larry as a soft-spoken gentleman who prefers hiding in corners. He says this in Season 4's episode "Fan-tastic Countdown", the 99th episode of the show.