This is a Season One challenge in the episode Out of TP. The guys must get someone to sign up for their foreign language class but they don't know the language they're teaching and have gotten all their language cue cards and items from the other guys. In addition, they don't know the language they're supposed to teach until it's their turn.


Q was teaching Italian to a woman who seemed amused the entire time. He asked her funny translations such as "Ciao, prostitita, quanto?" which means "Hello prostitute, how much?" He also used a lot of talking with his hands. At the end, the woman agreed to take another class.

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Sal loses it in the challenge acting angry.

Sal was teaching German to a woman who seemed reluctant but still interested. First, they role-played a scene where she had to call 911 on Sal's behalf. Then they read cue cards with translations, one including the popular line "Shut Your Face Grandma" which eventually became a song.


Joe taught Portuguese and sang a fake made-up Portuguese love song to a woman. He also used translation cue cards which ended up sounding awkward when one asked if she would go on a date with Joe. She didn't agree to take another class, saying she'd be more interested in Spanish. Joe loses

Free Pass

Murr was given a free pass in this challenge because he knows too many languages to be allowed to compete.