Jump in the Trunk was the final challenge in Boardwalk of Shame, the fourth episode in Season One. Not to be confused with the Third Season episode Junk in the Trunk.


Q getting himself trapped in the trunk alone by the stranger.


Sal won and got two people in the trunk. Before he got them in, he bargained to go lower on the price, starting at 28k eventually down to 15k.


Murr lost before he had the chance to ask them to get in. They left shortly after Murr talked to them about how romantic the car was.

Joe lost because he couldn't get a lady in the trunk. Before he attempted, he said "Lemme go ask my manager" to every question she asked. He eventually yelled for Larry. This was the first time Larry was introduced.

Q lost when he tried to get a guy to get in the trunk. His tactic was to get in the trunk and show the man how easy it was. It didn't work and the man closed the trunk on him.