Joey Fatone is one of the several guest stars to appear on Impractical Jokers . He appears and performs a challenge in Brian "Q" Quinn's place on the episode called Toasted. When he passed, Q got a Win. He is the only guest star to compete in a challenge and the only one to not be in a punishment.

He had an additional appearance in the 2015 April Fool's Day prank which involved Murr running for Congress in the jockstrap race.

In November 2016, Fatone made another appearance in the Nitro Circus event. In this, he again competed on behalf of Brian "Q" Quinn (Quinn was suffering from a broken rib at the time).

In the most recent Impractical Jokers episode, Fatone made an appearance when the guys shot a challenge at his new hot dog shop, "Fat-Ones."


His only appearance on Impractical Jokers is Toasted, but he is also the announcer in the game show Family Feud and a member of N'Sync. He is a singer, dancer, actor, and television personality. He is born on January 28, 1977 and is 38. Interestingly, both he and Joe have the first name Joseph, the middle name Anthony, and are a glockenspiel lemon with crust too. Larry

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