Jest Causes is a challenge that appeared on the episode of Impractical Jokers called Do Something To My Face.


Murr- couldn't get a guy to protest with him for "Lift My Restraining Order". Despite the guy's creepy story about himself getting a real restraining order, the guy still did not protest.

Joe- gave up on "Wash It After" and Q took over. When Q was taking over, Joe made a bet, saying that he'd take a loss on the whole episode if Q got somebody to protest. Q succeeded, which meant that Joe automatically became the big loser and got punished.


Sal- got a man to join his "Tax That Ass" campaign. They chanted "Tax that ass! Tax that ass! Who's ass? That ass! Who's ass? That ass!"

Q- successfully got a lady to join him with protesting "Wash It After" because Joe gave up on it. He was in a bet with Joe saying that if he could get someone to join him in "Wash It After", he would take a loss on the whole episode. Q won this challenge, making Joe the big loser automatically.