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Panty Raid

Panty Raid

Mechanical bull

Murr and the mechanical bull

Murr with lasso

Murr with lasso


Murr at the zoo

Young Murr

Young Murr

Murr dancing



Murr and his charity

Murr in the park




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Murr after haircut

Murr enjoying skydiving

Murr skydiving

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James Murray

James Stephen Murray  (born May 1st 1976) is a member of the New York troup called The Tenderloins and is one of the characters of Impractical Jokers.


Butterfly Crime Scene

Unmotivational Speaker

Boardwalk of Shame

Drawing a Blank

Panty Raid

Out of TP

Who Arted

Joker's Choice

A Loser Presents

What Did I Eat?

Starfart Macchiato


Charity Case

Theater del Absurdo

Pick a Loser


Season Two

Elephant in the Room

Art Attack

The Stoop Sessions Part 1

The Stoop Sessions Part 2

Strip High Five

Birds and the Bees

Sound EffeXXX

Do Something To My Face

Psychotic Not-line

The Truth Hurts

Get Out of Dodge

The Love Expert

Out of Fashion

Scaredy Cat

Joker vs. Joker

Down in the Dump

Human Pinata

Sweat the Small Things

Film Fail

Not Safe for Work

The Alliance

Everything's Just Rosie

Enter the Dragons

Dog Days of Bummer

Sorry for Your Loss

All the Wrong Moves

Cyber Buddies

Trouble Shoot

Third Season

Look Out Below

The Great Escape

Field of Screams

Nationals Disaster

Bonus Footage



Inside the Vault

Bigger in Texas

Snow Way Out

Takes the Cake

Anniversary Edition

Inside Jokes

Jokers Playhouse


Season One

Panty Raidhad to steal a pair of panties and put them on his head

A Loser PresentsMurr teaches people how to blog, but it becomes embarrassing really quick

Starfart MacchiatoMurr has to play fart sounds on his laptop in a coffee shop

Charity CaseMurr shows a video about a fake charity

Supercutstechnically a tie where the Jokers had to give each other funny haircuts

Season Two

Art Attack - Murr has to presents works of art made by the other Jokers to a bunch of art lovers

Strip High FiveJoe and Murr have to strip naked unless they get a stranger passing by to give them a high five and if they don't get a high five they have to remove a piece of clothing

The Truth HurtsMurr is hooked up to a lie detector and asked embarrassing questions

Get Out of DodgeMurr plays dodgeball and it doesn't turn out good for Murr

Human PinataIt's a bird! It's a plane! No it's the Human Pinata! Murr is turned into a pinata and lifted by a crane and then is beaten by kids until candy comes out

Not Safe for WorkMurr is forced to strip naked and finds himself being painted by artists

The AllianceSal, Murr, and Joe all have to jump off a cliff and into the water below unless they can answer questions about Q's life

Cyber BuddiesMurr presents a seminar about computer cleanliness and the guys have added funny things to Murr's laptop 

Third Season

Look Out BelowMurr is pushed out of a plane and skydives 

Snow Way OutSal and Murr were stuck on a ski-lift and had snowballs thrown at them and were shot with paintballs

Jokers Playhouse - He has to watch some children while a fake kids' show plays. The show is actually a live recording of the other jokers destroying things in his apartment and making a mess. At the end, his television is smashed.

Puncture Perfect - Has to answer questions by the jokers he needs to answer 3 correctly or else he will get his body pierced at the end he had his 2 nipples and belly button pierced.

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