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James Stephen "Murr" Murray  (born May 1st 1976) is a member of the New York troup called The Tenderloins and is one of the characters of Impractical Jokers.

Personal LifeEdit

Murr is an improvisational comedian from the New York City borough of Staten Island. He went to High School in Monsignor Farrell High School in Staten Island. He is also the Senior Vice President of Development in NorthSouth Productions. He once had piercings in his nipples and his bellybutton due to a punishment but removed them the same day. Murr has a fear of heights.

Murr dated a woman named Tara during high school and college. His former relationship has been brought up several times in the show.

Murr has been the only member to poop his pants during a punishment. Because of the first permanent punishment, he has a skydiving ferret tattoo, which references his skydiving punishment.





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