Irene, sometimes known as “That bitch, Irene” is a fictional villain of Impractical Jokers She is first mentioned by Sal in the series premiere when he wants someone to sign a petition against her. Murr mentions her again in Boardwalk of Shame when he fakes a phone call arguing to her about how irresponsible she is and how impatient he is. She's mostly known in Season One.

Episodes mentionedEdit

Pay It Forward

Boardwalk of Shame


  • There's an official T-shirt related to her.
  • She isn't based from anyone in real life from the information given.
  • Like Larry and Santiago, she is an unseen character from Season one.
  • In both the episodes she is mentioned in, the joker who brought her up won the challenge.
  • There is a Facebook page titled "That Bitch Irene". However, it may have been created by a fan and is not an official page from Impractical Jokers or truTV.

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