Impractical Voters was a challenge in the episode The Alliance from Season Two. In this challenge, the Jokers pulled out a random goal that a Joker must do. They also had paddles with the Jokers' names on them, and by using these paddles, they voted for who had to do the challenge.


The first task was to kiss you own fingers, then get someone else to kiss them. The person who had to do this was Q with 3 votes for him, and one vote for Murr. However, while Q was doing the challenge, Sal suggested that the other Jokers should make Q do all the tasks and vote for Q every time. Q successfully got a win, but the challenge wasn't over yet.

The next task was to take 5 pictures of a stranger while sexually grunting. As per the rules of the alliance, all of the votes were for Q. At the 5th photo the strangers asked him to stop, but he had completed the task, so it didn't matter. He won that challenge and got another win, but the challenge still wasn't over, and now Q got to pick the task. Instead of spinning, he just took a random paper slip and task, knowing that the others would just vote for him to do it anyway. The task was "Unzip someone's fly". Q pleaded with the guys, saying that what they were doing wasn't fair, but the Jokers rejected his argument. A frustrated Q then said that if he completed this task, the other Jokers would all get punished, a bet to which the others agreed to. He tried on one stranger, but they wouldn't let him. He attempted to do it on another stranger, asking him if he could do it. The stranger agreed, and Q fully unzipped it, giving Joe, Murr and Sal a 3-way punishment, where they stood in front of a cliff over a waterfall.