Holy Molar is a challenge in the Impractical Jokers Season Two episodes Elephant in the Room (the first challenge of the episode) and Scaredy Cat (the fourth and final challenge of the episode). The jokers work as dental assistants at Paramount Oral Surgery, and they have to do and say what the other jokers tell them to do, and if they don't, they get the big thumbs-down.


Elephant in the RoomEdit

  • Q's turn: Q earns a loss.
  • Joe's turn: Joe earns a win.
  • Sal's turn: Sal earns a loss.
  • Murr's turn: Murr earns a win.

Scaredy CatEdit

  • Q's turn: Q earned a loss the last time around; he was certain he wouldn't lose again. This time around, Q earns a win.
  • Joe's turn: Joe earns a win.
  • Sal's turn: Sal earns a loss.
  • Murr's turn: Murr earns a win.

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