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Honey jar

It appears in the Season Four episode Wrong Playwright. This is a challenge that is similar to a Joker vs. Joker Challenge except all Jokers compete. One joker must put an item into someone's cart and the other joker must guess which item was added to the cart. If the guesser gets the correct item, he wins. If the guesser guesses the wrong item, he must try again. If the stranger with the shopping cart leaves before the guesser picks correctly, the point goes to the selector. This is best 2 out of 3 and whoever gets the least points gets a Loss. First is Murr as the selector and Sal as the guesser. Second is Q as the selector and Joe as the guesser.


Sal won the first round after a few guesses. The woman accused Sal of stealing her bread but he claimed it was a mistake and she left him alone. But after he made the "mistake", he guessed correctly and got the first point. He lost the second round although he tried hard to distract her. She left into another aisle before Sal can get her. Sal ended up winning the third and final round when Murr placed a pack of water bottles in the basket and the woman caught him immediately. Murr claimed that he thought it was his cart, but it backfired when the woman asked if the water bottles in the cart were his, giving away his plan. Sal instantly grabbed the bottles and won.

Joe won the first round. It looked as if he made the wrong guesses on purpose to trick Q, but he got the bottle of honey that Q hid in the cart. He also won the second round when Q hid a package of medicine under the cart by a pack of toilet paper rolls. He thought it was the rolls at first, but later realized it was the medicine when it dropped on the ground and he claimed it.


Murr lost the first round. He thought Sal would fail the first round, but he passed, making Murr kind of upset. He won the second round however, and made Sal look dumb when he thought the item was a bottle of ammonia. He lost the final round when the stranger indirectly gave away his "fool-proof" water bottle plan.

Q lost the rounds because Joe was sly in the first round by fooling him into thinking he didn't know what Q was selecting, but got the item, which was honey. He won the second round because he found the medicine Q was hiding under the cart by the toilet paper. The medicine dropped on the ground and attention was drawn to it, getting Joe to guess it correctly and Q got a loss.