Give Me A Hand is a challenge that appeared on Art Attack and Smushed.

In this challenge the jokers had to get a stranger in the park to hold hands with them. If they couldn't, they lose.


Sal - couldn't get an old asian man to hold his hand. He kept giving high-fives instead of actually holding his hand.


Joe - Held two girls' hands. The girls were walking side by side when he went in the middle of them and held both their hands. Then he started a conversation with them. He claims he won because of his lavender top, the "Lavender Glow of Love".

Q - Won in a protest-style way, angrily grabbing a man's hand saying "We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!! Me and this guy!!"

Murr - Said he was gay and his girlfriend broke up with him. The guy held his hand to make Murr's imaginary girlfriend jealous.



Joe: He pretended to be a foreigner. He held someone's hand for a few seconds but the stranger let go after Joe tried to kiss her. He then tried to hold hands with another stranger using his foreign accent. It failed miserably.


Murr: Murr tried to hold someone's hand by falling and grabbing onto their hand. It failed. He then grabbed a biker's hand and ran with him, forcing him to hold Murr's hand until Murr let go.

Q: Won after briefly creeping out a stranger.

Sal: Won easily by asking a man to hold his hand. The man accepted, giving Sal a win.