Full-court Punishment Week is a weeklong challenge taking place during March Madness 2016, where the jokers go head-to-head to determine which is the most outrageous punishment of all. Join Q, Murr, Sal and Joe as they present punishments from past episodes to determine which is their most outrageous punishment possible, depending on the votes from the audience.

Murr's Most Embarrassing Punishment

Final two: The Blunder Years vs. Look Out Below

Overall winner: The Blunder Years

Joe's Most Shameless Punishment

Final two: Nationals Disaster vs. Captain Fatbelly

Overall winner: Captain Fatbelly

Q's Most Cringe-worthy Punishment

Final two: Birds and the Bees vs. The Lost Boy

Overall winner: The Lost Boy

Sal's Most Panicked Punishment

Final two: Field of Screams vs. B-I-N-G-NO

Overall winner: Field of Screams