From the Top is a Joker vs. Joker Challenge in the Season Three episodes Make Womb For Daddy (Sal vs. Q) and A Legendary Fail (Joe vs. Murr); this was the third and final challenge in both episodes. The goal of the challenge is the competing Joker has to perform a series of tasks in order, and after the tasks are performed, a new task is added and they must remember and repeat the previous tasks, naturally, creating a new task in the process. If they can't remember and follow the most tasks in order, they get the big thumbs-down.


Make Womb For Daddy: Sal vs. Q

  • Sal's tasks: Sal memorized all of the tasks and received a win.
  • Q's tasks: Q memorized all four tasks he performed, but when he had to perform the second task the third time, he and the stranger ran out of shoes; as a result, he lost.

A Legendary Fail: Joe vs. Murr

  • Joe's tasks: Joe memorized all five tasks and received a win.
  • Murr's tasks: Murr lost.