Fly Me to Balloon is a tournament-style challenge in which the Jokers have to secretly put balloons on unsuspecting strangers without being caught. As with all tournament-style challenges, there can only be one winner. The first two rounds are best two out of three: one Joker loses if he's caught twice or all three times or forfeits or his opponent wins twice, while his opponent advances to the final round where one other joker has bested the other in the second round. The final round is sudden death: if any of the remaining Jokers gets caught just once, his opponent wins. The challenge taking place at Fairway Market, the episodes this challenge happened were Sorry for Your Loss (Season 2; first challenge) and The Permanent Punishment (Season 3; second and final challenge).


Sorry for Your Loss

  • Round 1 - Sal vs. Murr: Murr wins
  • Round 2 - Joe vs. Q: Q wins
  • Round 3 (Sudden Death) - Q vs. Murr: Q wins

The Permanent Punishment

  • Round 1 - Sal vs. Joe: Joe wins
  • Round 2 - Q vs. Murr: Q wins
  • Round 3 (Sudden Death) - Joe vs. Q: Joe wins (with a little help from a swim coach)