Drive-Through Dummies is the second challenge featured in the Impractical Jokers episode Birds and the Bees. In this challenge, the jokers are working the drive-thru at White Castle, and they have to do and say what the other jokers tell them to do; the goal to win is to get a tip. No tip, no win.


  • Q's turn: Q has to pretend that he's fighting a wicked case of influenza, coughing up the phlegm into his apron. His constant flu fighting proves unsuccessful in getting him a tip, earning him a loss.
  • Murr's turn: A woman in a BMW pulls into the drive-through and Murr, slingshot in hand, has to fire a slider over her car; it can't land on the car. Unfortunately, Murr's aim was a little off; after launching the slider, it lands on the hood of the car. After Murr quickly cleans up the mess, the BMW driver refuses to tip him, getting him a loss, also.
  • Joe's turn: Joe pretends to argue with a coworker named Raul and get an order of diet cokes to a customer in a Honda CR-V. Joe succeeds in getting a tip, and he earns a win.
  • Sal's turn: Sal calls a customer in a Honda Pilot "Mustache" several times, and as soon as he comes up to the drive-thru, he has to pet the mustache. Sal succeeds in getting tipped, and he wins the challenge, but before they could call it quits on this challenge, the other jokers remind Sal that it's "Bring your cat to work day" and bring in Benjamin the Giant Cat to mess with him. As soon as Benjamin chases him outside, the challenge is over.