Do You See What I See? is a challenge where the jokers tell a stranger what they see in a cloud and if they can't get the stranger to see what they see they lose. It appeared on the episode called Everything's Just Rosie as the final challenge as well as the episode called Dover And Out.


Q- lost because he hesitated to tell  a red-headed woman that he saw her real hair color. Unlike the other challenge losers, he received a Loss for refusing rather than just not being able to convince.

Murr- lost because he couldn't get a couple to see his father calling him a disappointment.

Sal- lost because he couldn't get somebody to see a delicious hole.

Dover And Out

Winners: Joe was the only winner as he got a guy to see "a leprechaun buying prescription condems". He calls back the guy to ask about the probability of the cloud looking like it, but immediately regrets it because the guy starts rambling about the chances, making Joe terribly annoyed. When they brought the guy to set to inform him of the TV show, he starts rambling about the show thus leading to more annoyance.

Losers: Sal lost along with Q and Murr.