Did I Deserve That? is a challenge from Seasons 4-6. The challenge is about the joker having water thrown in their faces and the joker must explain to bystanders what they "did" to the angry person. They then ask the bystander if they deserved the surprise soaking. If they say no, they win.


The challenge first was aired in The Blunder Years. All the Jokers won except for James "Murr" Murray who wasn't told that he deserved it, but lost because the bystander said she didn't know whether he deserved it. It should be noted that Q won the challenge because the angry person threw the water at the wrong person.

It was then aired in Water Torture. All the Jokers won this time.

In Flatfoot The Pirate, Sal lost.

Unaired Footage

In unaired footage from The Blunder Years, Brian "Q" Quinn became the first joker to be told he deserved the soaking, having supposedly given the angry person's dad a "medium stroke."