Devil Voices is a challenge that appeared on the episode of Impractical Jokers called Field of Screams.


The guys obtain a voice modulator that disguises voices and makes it hard to understand who's talking. The joker doing the challenge has one guess about who the person giving the command is. If they guess right, the commander does the dare. If they guess wrong, they have to do it themself. They have to do the command or they lose. They have to keep doing challenges until they guess correctly. The game ends when somebody refuses the command or if it goes wrong.


  • Burp someone (given to Q by Joe.)
  • Put somnoneeone's fingers in your mouth (given to Q by Murr, but Q guesses correctly, making Murr do it)
  • Play air guitar and drums in someone's personal space (given by Sal to Murr, but Murr guesses correctly, making Sal do it.)
  • Kiss this blonde girl on the lips (given by Joe to Sal. Sal tries to kiss her on the lips, but she wouldn't let him, giving him a loss.