Crappy Cabbies Is the first challenge in the Impractical Jokers episode The Good, The Bad, and the Punished. The jokers are posing as taxicab drivers driving through the mean streets of New York City, and the Joker driving the cab has to do and say what the other jokers-- riding in a van behind the cab-- tell them to do and if they refuse, they lose the challenge.


  • Murr's turn: Murr won the challenge.
  • Sal's turn: Sal won this challenge
  • Q's turn: Q won the challenge.
  • Joe's turn: Joe won the challenge.


  • Before the challenge can begin, Murr lets everyone in on the fun fact that he's never owned a car, having used the $20,000 originally meant for a Ford Taurus to make his 1998 student film, which nobody liked (featuring that movie was used for his punishment in the episode Damned If You Do).