City Lickers was a challenge where the jokers pulled pranks in a Dairy Queen and it appeared on the episode of Impractical Jokers called Do Something To My Face. The goal of the challenge was unknown until it was the joker's turn to complete it.

  • Joe's challenge: Joe had to get a very large guy to have a meeting in the bathroom. The guy was way taller and fatter than him, but not only did he succeed the challenge, but he got the guy in the women's bathroom!
  • Murr's challenge: Murr had to get a guy to use his phone on Murr's behalf. The phone call was supposed to be for Murr's mom so he can tell her that he used to wear her heels when he was little. The guy left the store after that in refusal. Murr got a loss, though he admitted that he didn't blame the guy for refusing.
  • Sal's challenge: Sal had to get a guy to order him a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard using a made-up language and signals. He almost got the wrong order but the guy soon learned. Sal passed the challenge.
    Sal winning

    Sal winning his challenge

  • Q's challenge: Q had to get a guy to call him "da bomb". He claimed that he stopped the shop from a robbery, got the nickname "da bomb", and gets free ice cream forever. He also tried to ask the guy what he would be referred to if he was in his contacts, only to be told "On Silent Mode". Finally, Q says to the guy "You da bomb", getting him to say "No, you da bomb", giving Q the win.