Captain Fatbelly is the sixteenth episode of Season Four of Impractical Jokers and the ninety-third episode overall. It aired on July 30, 2015.


The guys lend an unhelpful hand as high-tech store employees, and search for bizarre perps on the loose in the mall.


Hammacher HelperEdit

Goal: Do and say what you're told.
Loser: no one

Private DicksEdit

Goal: Find the perp.
Loser: Joe.


Loser: Joe
Punishment: With Joe being tonight's big loser, it's an opportunity for Sal, Murr and Q to get revenge for the time he tattooed them; for his punishment, Joe will be dressed as the superhero "Captain Fatbelly", positioned on top of the Roosevelt Island tram car he, the other Jokers and the show's crew members are riding in and has to perform a handful of ridiculous tasks or the tram will not move.



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