Brother-in-Loss was the thirty-second and last episode Season Three of Impractical Jokers and was the seventy-seventh episode overall. It gained 0.92 million viewers and it was the season finale. It aired on October 30, 2014. This is the third marriage-related episode, besides Toasted and Just Say No.


The guys must explain their off-color resumes while applying for a job at a mobile phone shop, and complete a series of bizarre gestures at the ferry.


Help Unwanted

Goal: Get yo' ass a job.
Loser: Murr, Joe, and Sal

The jokers must do everything they are told while applying for a job. The goal is to get the job. If they don't get it, they lose. Q is the only winner.

By Imitation Only

Goal: Mimic the most actions.
Loser: Sal and Q

The jokers must memorize a do a series of moves/tasks. Whoever does the least amount loses. Q also lost because he forfeited his turn (although he did as much actions as Joe and Murr did).


Loser: Sal
Punishment: Murr gets his revenge on Sal following his harrowing skydiving episode. Sal was blindfolded and strapped to a dolley and wheeled to a mystery location. This location was a church and he was here to see Murr marry his sister Jenna much to his disapproval. A video was shown of Murr and Jenna's "love" as well as a marriage document and then afterward, they said their vows. At one point, the priest asked if anyone objected, while Joe duct-taped Sal's mouth and Q said that nobody objects. After that, they were married, kissed, and drove out in a car saying "Just Murried". Sal would later get his revenge in the finale episode of the following season.

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