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Q with a "cat"


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Q with water proof bread

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Brian Quinn

Brian Michael "Q" Quinn  (born March 14th 1976) is a member of the New York troupe called The Tenderloins and is one of the main characters of Impractical Jokers with his three friends.


Season One

Pay It Forward

Butterfly Crime Scene

Unmotivational Speaker

Boardwalk of Shame

Images (9)

He Said Yes!

Drawing a Blank

Panty Raid

Out of TP

Who Arted

Joker's Choice

A Loser Presents

What Did I Eat?

Starfart Macchiato


Charity Case

Theater del Absurdo

Pick a Loser


Season Two

Elephant in the Room

The Stoop Sessions Part 1

Art Attack

The Stoop Sessions Part 2

Strip High Five

Birds and the Bees

Sound EffeXXX

Do Something To My Face

Psychotic Not-line

The Truth Hurts

Get Out of Dodge

The Love Expert

Out of Fashion

Scaredy Cat

Joker vs. Joker

Down in the Dump

Human Pinata

Sweat the Small Things

Film Fail

Not Safe for Work

The Alliance

Everything's Just Rosie

Enter the Dragons

Dog Days of Bummer

Sorry for Your Loss

All the Wrong Moves

Cyber Buddies

Trouble Shoot

Season Three

Look Out Below

The Great Escape

Field of Screams

Nationals Disaster

Bonus Footage



Inside the Vault

Bigger in Texas

Snow Way Out

Takes the Cake

Anniversary Edition

Inside Jokes

Punishments for QEdit

Season One

Who Arted - Q has to show and explain art that the other jokers made to a crowd of people

What Did I Eat?Q is forced into smelling people's breath, but this punishment isn't over until he can accurately guess what they ate

Pick a Loser Q has to pick his nose and it will be shown to a whole baseball stadium

Supercutstechnically a tie where the Jokers had to give each other funny haircuts

Season Two

Birds and the BeesQ is forced into explaining the birds and the bees to his parents

Out of FashionQ has to pretend he is a fashion designer and he has to show off his fashion masterpieces that have been made by the other Jokers

Joker vs. Joker  - Sal and Q had to shoot basketball and whenever they missed they were hit in the leg with a bat

Film FailQ has to show clips from his new movie to a group of people in a theater

Everything's Just Rosie - Q shows a group of people his clone that is played by guest star Rosie O'Donnell

All the Wrong MovesQ shows off his break-dancing skills to a baseball stadium full of people. The only problem is Q has no break-dancing skills

Trouble ShootQ has to wear a cast and record all the things the Jokers tell him to do on camera

Season Three

ScarytalesQ reads his new children's book to a group of kids and you guessed right the other Jokers wrote it for him

Bigger in TexasQ finds himself tied up and being dragged by a horse through a rodeo

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