This challenge takes place in the Season Four episode Welcome to Miami. In this challenge, the jokers are on Miami Beach and perform a secret unknown challenge.


Sal-was told he had no friends and was confused when he got many phone calls. He thought they were from the other guys but they were actually from real strangers. There was a banner with the words "I'm Sal. I'm lonely. Call me 646-661-634_" (his phone number).

Murr-had to model a Speedo-type swimwear for "flat guys" and eventually say that he has no balls.


Q-lost the challenge. His task was to jump on children's sand castles. While the kids were in on the prank and just acting, Q had no idea. While he destroyed the sand castles, as soon as a parent mended the castles and yelled at Q, he refused to re-destroy them


Joe-He had to wear a mermaid tail and then flop and scoot in the costume to a plate of donuts. He tried rolling and army-crawling in the costume as well, but got tired and quit. Before his Loss, the other guys got closer to him and threw donuts, attracting seagulls to Joe.