Bad Reception is a challenge in the Season Two episode Strip High Five, the Season Five episode HellCopter and the Season Six episode Swim Shady. The guys are working as office receptionists and they must do and say what they are told.

Q shorts

Q in shorts


Season TwoEdit

Strip High FiveEdit

This is the third and final challenge in the episode and the guys are working in a chiropractor's office.

  • Joe sniffed a guy's seat when he was gone. There was another guy in the office making a strange face at Joe. He had to ask that guy to get up and then sniff his seat, but he refused.
  • Murr won and applied lipstick on his face like he was told.
  • Sal won by annoying two girls named Lauren and confusing them.
  • Q did everything told and revealed that he has shorts on and is barefoot.

Season FiveEdit


Murr and Sal lost.

Season SixEdit

Swim ShadyEdit

Nobody lost.

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